Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To The Beautiful You's Quote [Part 1]

..ever since i was young, i never liked how i looked.
How i looked, how my skin color looked and how my hair looked.
I didn't like how my confidence was diferent than others.
I wanted to be the same as them.
However, i know there was no such miracle that would let that happen.
An ugly duckling don't turn into a beautiful swan.
Because in reality, miracles don't really happen..
Just then, i saw Tae Joon.
He flew up into the sky saying..
"A miracle is another name of an effort"
I decide to believe in miracles for the first time in my life.
That's how i decide to join track and stand up against people instead of hiding away..
And.. A miracle happened.
Nothing changed, but a miracle that change everything.
Not really wanting to quit made it a miracle was what Tae Joon said.
That a miracle was another name for an effort. ~Go Jae Hee

I still have a lot of words i haven't said
Even though i haven't listened to you, not even once
To someone i see in front of me
You're the only one i see. ~Tae Joon

Friendship, sometimes requires understanding, loyalty, jealousy, and wasting time.
I'm wasting time under the name of friendship. ~Eun Gyoel


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